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Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School

Seismic Mitigation Project

The Abbotsford Board of Education is consultating with Traditional School families and stakeholders about the proposed seismic upgrades to Abbotsford Traditional Secondary (ATSS). 

District officials presented information on the Seismic Mitigation Project on March 13, 2019. Below is an overview of the options presented.

Presentation: Seismic Mitigation Project

One of the significant issues with this project is the impact it will have on the operation of the school due to extensive construction. Beyond the seismic upgrade, there are also substaintial building envelope and renovations required. The additional renovations required do not currently have an approved funding source.

Option #1: Seismic Upgrades Only

Cost: $17.5 million dollars
Project schedule: approx. 30 months

Project Issues:

  • Temporary accomodations are required due to extensive construction
  • Building upgrades & other renovations are not addressed
  • Overall capacity utilization rates

Option #2:  Seismic Upgrades + Building Envelope / Renovations

Cost: $31.1 million dollars
Project schedule: approx. 30 months
Identified as the “preferred option” in original PDR submission

Project Issues:

  • Not the least cost option
  • Temporary accomodations are required due to extensive construction
  • It is projected that 5-8 portables are required , costing $750,000 - $1.2 million dollars 
  • Building upgrades & other renovations are required, costing $5  million  - $8.9 million dollars
  • Overall capacity utilization rates
  • Significant school district financial contribution is required

Temporary Accomodations

On-site – Portables at Abbotsford Traditional Secondary

  • Cost to School District: $750,000 -$1.2 million dollars
  • 5-8 portables & utilization of available spaces at the site
  • Construction time approx. 30 months

Off-site –Temporarily at Rick Hansen Secondary

  • Reduces construction budget by $1.1 million dollars
  • Utilize available space at RHSS
  • Less bussing costs (59% of students would be in-catchment)
  • Construction time approx. 22 months

The Abbotsford Board of Education will be gathering feedback until April 4th, 2019.  The Board will make a decision after reviewing all available information, including budget implications, enrolment variables, long term facilities plan and school / stakeholder feedback. 

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