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Transportation Review

The school district is reviewing student bussing services, including all routes and fees charged to parents. If your child rides a school bus this could affect you. Preliminary information was presented to the public on December 9, 2019.

Below is a brief summary of the primary key issues the school district is currently facing with transportation services.

  • We continue to spend money for transportation services beyond the resources available, which negatively impacts the district's budget and takes money away from educational services.
  • We are seeing an increasing demand from parents and schools for more routes and more buses, which exceeds our current capacity.
  • We continue to have issues recruiting and maintaining a robust pool of bus drivers.
  • And, the Ministry of Education has announced a new funding model that creates some level of budget uncertainty, which will impact the sustainability of current transportation services.

Share Your Voice!

The school district has launched follow up exchange forum, where families can provide their comments on transportation, and rank ideas of importance based on the January 2020 presentation. The exchange is open to all families within the school district. Comments, thoughts and ideas on how transportation services can be improved in the Abbotsford School District will be collected until February 3, 2020 , at 4 pm.

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