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News: Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

District budget maintains priorities as it prepares for 17-18

A $215 million budget for the 2017-18 year has been passed by the Abbotsford Board of Education, as the district prepares for another school year. Student enrolment will grow by approximately 140 students to over 19,800 students in the coming year. 

The Board remains committed to funding key initiatives from its strategic plan, including continued focus on Strong Starts, along with projects at Rick Hansen Secondary School, Explozone, the expansion of Learning Commons and Science World’s Future Science Leaders - a new program for secondary students.

“We are committed to maintaining the focus on our strategic initiatives for the coming year and to provide new and exciting opportunities for our students,” said Shirley Wilson, Chair for the Abbotsford Board of Education. “But, we also recognize that we are facing a difficult reality in our district as we restore the 2002 Local Collective Agreement language. We anticipate a few challenges in the months ahead, but our focus will be on creating and maintaining a progressive workforce moving forward. We anticipate that the newly created Classroom Enhancement Fund (CEF) will cover many of the costs associated with adapting to the staffing and capacity requirements related to these changes.”

The district is preparing for a few emerging issues that may pose additional challenges as the year progresses, including the management of facility pressures arising from increasing enrolments; staffing changes/shortages related to the restored 2002 Collective Agreement provisions on class size and composition; technology costs related to improved data protection and security; and increased administrative costs for the management and oversight of 2002 Collective Agreement provisions.

The final 2017-18 Budget was approved by the Board of Education at the May 30th Board meeting.


Kayla Stuckart / Communications Manager

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